Nazri Cooking

Nazri in Persian means the food cooked in honor of Shi‘ite Imams or God and is given to the poor, family and friends.This is an Iranian Muslim tradition of Nazr. Nazr occurs when you ask something of God, and promise to make and distribute some kind of food to hundreds of people, in return. Doing so does not have a particular date, it can happen anytime, but it’s customary to do so in some Islamic holidays. Some people, especially mothers, vow to cook and give away food on the day of Imam’s alleged martyrdom if “God gives them what they have wished for.” A huge number of people usually line up to get a piece of that food, not necessarily because they can’t afford to buy food, but because it is believed by some that “Imam’s food,” as they call it, has healing powers; or at least that’s the excuse for demeaning themselves for getting a lousy piece of that food.

Click on each picture to make it larger. the first is yellow rice pudding.

4d536d1044.jpg nn-01-2.jpg nazri7.jpg nazri1.jpg

gheymenazri.jpg 1.jpg 21.jpg 3.jpg

4.jpg 5.jpg

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