Iranian State Fashion

Iranian models present traditional Islamic dresses during a fashion show in Tehran sponsored by the state government. more pictures will be added soon. click on each for larger image.

iranfash480b.jpg iranfash480a.jpg persian_local_woman.jpg  1_8510270448_l600.jpg  2_8510270448_l600.jpg  3_8510270448_l600.jpg  4_8510270448_l600.jpg  5_8510270448_l600.jpg  6_8510270448_l600.jpg  7_8510270448_l600.jpg  8_8510270448_l600.jpg  10_8510270448_l600.jpg  11_8510270448_l600.jpg   12_8510270448_l600.jpg   14_8510270448_l600.jpg  15_8510270448_l600.jpg  17_8510270448_l600.jpg  18_8510270448_l600.jpg  19_8510270448_l600.jpg   20_8510270448_l600.jpg   21_8510270448_l600.jpg  22_8510270448_l600.jpg  23_8510270448_l600.jpg  25_8510270448_l600.jpg  213986befb5.jpg

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