Jiroft Civilization

The Jiroft Civilization (Persian تمدن جيرفت) is a proposed Early Bronze Age civilization of Sistan, Iran (fl. ca. 26th century BC). It was proposed by Yousef Madjidzadeh in 2003 based on archaeological artefacts confiscated by Iranian authorities. White Muscarella (2005) expresses serious doubt in the validity of the “Jiroft Civilization” as an archaeological entity. The Jiroft site itself is of undisputed notability as a mid-3rd millennium city situated between the Elamite civilization to the west and the Indus Valley civilization to the east. here are some pictures. click on each for larger image.

djiroft7.jpg djiroft9.jpg djiroft17.jpg djiroft27.jpg   djiroft33.jpg  djiroft28.jpg  djiroft34.jpg  djiroft35c.jpg  game-boards-jiroft.jpg  jiroft.jpg  jiroft1.jpg  jiroft-civilization.gif   lo618-web.jpg

musc12.jpg   ziggurat.jpg   12.jpg  23.jpg  32.jpg

41.jpg  52.jpg  6.jpg  7.jpg  8.jpg   9.jpg  10.jpg  111.jpg  121.jpg   13.jpg   14.jpg

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