Vank Church

The new year celebration (2008) inside the historical Vank Church in Isfahan.
مراسم آغاز سال ‌٢٠٠٨ميلادي – كليساي وانك

multimedia_pics_1386_10_photo_1050.jpg  multimedia_pics_1386_10_photo_1051.jpg  multimedia_pics_1386_10_photo_1052.jpg  multimedia_pics_1386_10_photo_1053.jpg  multimedia_pics_1386_10_photo_1054.jpg  multimedia_pics_1386_10_photo_1055.jpg  multimedia_pics_1386_10_photo_1056.jpg  multimedia_pics_1386_10_photo_1057.jpg multimedia_pics_1386_10_photo_1058.jpg  multimedia_pics_1386_10_photo_1059.jpg  multimedia_pics_1386_10_photo_1060.jpg  multimedia_pics_1386_10_photo_1061.jpg  multimedia_pics_1386_10_photo_1062.jpg  multimedia_pics_1386_10_photo_1063.jpg  multimedia_pics_1386_10_photo_1064.jpg

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