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minister of Agriculture

his name is Eskandari, and he is the minister of Agriculture under president Ahmadi nejad. اسكندري وزير جهاد و كشاورزي Advertisements

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Sassanid Dish ظرف ساسانئ

This is another Sassanid metal dish displaying a royal hunting scene.

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Satellite Dish

An Iranian woman checks her satellite dish on the roof of her Tehran apartment in 2005. Iranian MP Saeed Abutaleb has claimed that more than half of Iran’s 70 million population watch satellite television channels even though they are illegal … Continue reading

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Niusha Zeighami نيوشا ضيغمي

This cute young Iranian based actress, is Niusha Zeighami. I had heard about her but had never seen her movies till tonight. More pictures of her are yet to come.

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Jiroft Civilization

The Jiroft Civilization (Persian تمدن جيرفت) is a proposed Early Bronze Age civilization of Sistan, Iran (fl. ca. 26th century BC). It was proposed by Yousef Madjidzadeh in 2003 based on archaeological artefacts confiscated by Iranian authorities. White Muscarella (2005) … Continue reading

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Abbas the Great

He is Shah Abbas I, the most famous Turkish Saffavid Shah of Persia. He shaped what is called the modern Iran. click on the picture for larger image.

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Mozaffar al-Din Shah of Qajar

Mozaffar al-Din Shah Qajar (1853 – January 1, 1907)(Persian: مظفرالدين شاه قاجار transliteration: Muẓẓafari’d-Dīn Shāh Qājār) was the fifth Qajar dynasty Shah of Persia. He ruled between the years 1896 and 1907. He is credited with the start of Iranian … Continue reading

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